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Testimonials: Clients

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Merced College

This course has made a substantive change to my life both professionally and on a personal level. For the first time in my life, I have actually been able to watch myself grow as a person. The tools put to use in this program are simple yet so effective.

I highly recommend this course for any Team, anytime, anywhere. No matter how effective your think you already are, there is so much more to being a Team leader and a Manager! There is so much more potential once you realize how practical the tools are and how easy it is to implement what you learn into your daily life.  See how your Team dynamics change!

CEO, Treefrog Inc.

My favourite qualities of a leader are as follows: Courage, Perseverance, Warmth and Competence. Oddly enough, Laura is the personification of these qualities. Her enthusiasm for growing people and compassionate human perspective are rarely combined with the methodical and insightful rigour with which she approaches the most difficult of problems. I have worked with Laura through thick and thin, and each and every time truly appreciate her brilliant feedback and resolve to exceed. I am proud to count her as one of the most remarkable people I know

VP Operations, JANA Corporation

Laura did a fantastic job guiding us through every step of our ERP implementation. She engaged with the executives and key users in defining what we truly needed, helped us select an appropriate ERP product for our business, then managed the implementation team (and vendor) from project kick-off until the product was fully launched within the business.

Throughout the process, she kept the executive sponsors clearly informed of progress, escalated issues for resolution quickly and effectively, and kept the core implementation team moving through their assigned tasks (on top of their “day jobs”).

Laura has a calm but focused approach that gives her a lot of credibility with people she interacts with at all levels, and keeps the project moving forward. This resulted in an ERP implementation that was on-time and under-budget, and that hit 100% adoption across the business within a couple of weeks of launch.

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