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90-Day Program: Projects
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The Skillful Manager

Management training that delivers results.

Most CEOs know it takes strong managers to create or sustain the growth they want.

What's confusing is how the heck to elevate those Managers. You see their potential, but where do you start?


We can help.

Did you know are there are really only three responsibilities you need your Managers to own, if they are leading a department or a team?


1) Deliver Consistent Results

2) Nurture Key Relationships

3) Drive Strategic Growth

In The Skillful Manager program, managers learn to carry all 3 responsibilities for their organizations.

And the learning happens in that order, because like learning anything, certain skills are foundational to further growth (it's very hard to learn multiplication if you don't know how to add...right?).

First we implement a system, a structure, that will ensure Managers can Deliver Consistent Results. This responsibility is about establishing consistent habits and processes that will help Managers deliver the results you need and expect.

Then we enable Managers to effectively nurture others. This comes second for two reasons:

1) Nurturing others requires clarity of direction FIRST

2) Nurturing others requires a certain operating rhythm to already be in place

(we have to be having the key conversations before we can nurture people during those conversations).

Finally, we equip Managers with the tools to create strategy and drive it forward. This means strategic decision-making, navigating cross-functional conflict, reading and interpreting financial they can turn their leadership (and your business) into a lasting legacy.

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What others are saying:


Dwight Nadeau
Director Enterprise Application Services

Most trainings I have attended are theoretical and difficult to apply in real life.  The content in The Skillful Manager is clear, easy to follow and practical.  I immediately implemented the lessons I learned.


Komal Bandyopadyhay
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

This course has made a substantive change to my life both professionally and on a personal level...the tools I've learned during this course are simple, yet so effective.


Arlis Bortner
Associate VP of IT Services

The only thing I would change is to join sooner!

How it Works:

Self-Directed Learning

The most efficient way to learn something new.

Each of the 3 Parts includes with 12 Weeks of video learning, with actionable companion guides​​.

Click here to see a sample training video.

Group Action Calls

Bi-Weekly, 90 minute masterclasses with your team

The only way to ensure learning is put into the context of your workplace.

Built-in accountability for consistent progress.

1:1 Oversight Calls

Bi-weekly, 1:1 Focus Calls with the "Manager of the Managers" to help drive behavioural change.

Your support is critical to ensuring our training changes your business

Your Investment

Single Responsibility:
$9,997 for up to 6 Learners ($1,000 per additional Learner)

3-Responsibility Package:
$29,997 for up to 6 Learners ($3,000 per additional Learner)

1-2 hrs weekly, per Manager
3-4 months per Responsibility
30mins bi-weekly for the "Manager of the Managers"

How you win:


Get the results you want.


Build a business that can change, adapt, pivot.


Exit your business how and when you choose.


Earn the freedom to innovate, dream, vision (because the nuts and bolts are all looked after).


Attract and retain exceptional talent.


Develop incredible people (who develop incredible people).


Outperform the competition with a business that reaches it's true potential.

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