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The Upside of Stuck

(TED-style talk)

When was the last time you got stuck? How about your employees, your children, your friends?  Everyone gets stuck, and in fact, getting stuck can be good - a gift, even.  Staying stuck robs us of experiencing our own potential and robs those we love of experiencing theirs.  Join Laura in an eye-opening presentation on the 4 kinds of stuck, including what they look like and more importantly, what we can do about them - for ourselves and others.


The Abundant Workplace

(Keynote Address)

At 8 years old we dream about what we'll be when we grow up. Then reality strikes, often conflicting with what we imagined would be an abundance adventure. We encounter experiences we did not expect…and certainly didn’t ask for.  It’s true for us, and it’s true for the people we lead.  As leaders, we are constantly looking for ways to improve – ways to become more effective.  We look for ways to get more things done or to get things done better.  We look for ways to get other people to get more things done or get things done better.  What if we’re having the wrong conversation?  Through character-driven monologues, Vaughan weaves a powerful tapestry of diverse voices, each on their own journey of identity formation and meaning-making in the world of work.  A storytelling performance which humanizes the workplace, The Abundant Workplace, is equal parts entertaining and educational.  More "one-woman show" than "your grandma's HR talk," let’s get ready to re-open the gift of work.

At the conclusion of this keynote you will:

  1. Understand what the workforce of today (and tomorrow) really wants

  2. Understand the role of leaders in meeting these expectations

  3. Lead with a renewed ability to support today’s workforce


The Abundant Manager


At 8 years old, we dream about what we’ll be when we grow up.  And then…that sense of freedom leaves us as we navigate the workplace.  As leaders, we focus on becoming more effective, growing our business, getting results.  Where are your managers in all of this?  Through character-driven monologues, Vaughan connects the dots between how we, as leaders, choose to invest, and the sense of freedom we experience.


At the conclusion of this workshop you will be able to:

  1. Describe the 4D’s of a Manager’s development
  2. Assess where your Manager’s are on this development line

  3. Distinguish among the three categories of skills Managers need to master, in order to move to the next D

  4. Identify specifically which skills to emphasize next, based on the assessment completed in LO 2.

Speaking: Projects
Speaking: Video
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