The best managers do THIS for us (today, tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that).

When was that last time you can say someone else nurtured you as a person? Maybe it was a coach? A parent? An aunt, uncle, grandparent? A teacher, maybe.

What about at work? When was the last time someone nurtured you at work?

There's a good chance that word sounds a bit too...intimate to you for the corporate world. Usually we reserve it for describing our relationship with our children. Or maybe a plant.

But really, when we commit to accepting another living being into our care, isn’t nurturing exactly what we are committing to do? When we become responsible for a child, we don’t just think of our job as providing food and water, so they’ll get taller. We think about meeting them where they’re at, understanding who they are and what they dream about. We think of coming alongside them and caring for these hopes and dreams throughout their lives. We think of helping them through their disappointments and failures. We think about doing our part to help them become their very best version of