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The Skillful Manager

Enabling Managers to Manage, so CEOs can CEO

 Are you a leader of the leaders, and not sure how to help your team.  You know they want to grow, you know they have more potential than what they are using, but you're not sure where to start?  You know you're compensating, and it's keeping you from doing the work your business needs most...but you're not sure where to start?

It all comes down to some very simple tools, put into practice (consistently), in the right order. 

This is a problem you can solve. 

The Skillful Team enables your team to grow together, which builds in accountability, community and context.  It gives your team a foundation of skill to build on, all at the same time, with the space to deliberately practice.  It also includes the objective, external, expert feedback that every Manager needs to grow. 

Is it time to free you up to do more of the work (or non-work) you love?  Is it time to create the opportunity for you to do the work your business most needs you to do?

Exceptional managers are your first step.

Your Managers Will Learn How To:

Part 1

Get Results

Exceptional managers consistently deliver the results your organization needs.  Part 1 is a 12-week journey that focuses on the foundational tools your Managers should be using every day to drive results.

Part 2

Nurture Your People

Exceptional managers are intentional about nurturing your workforce. Part 2 is a second 12-week segment that helps Managers understand the why and the how of nurturing their people.

Part 3

Pursue Legacy

Exceptional managers work as though they are part of something bigger.  Because they are.  They are helping you build your legacy.  Part 3 is a final 12-week finish that elevates the conversation to transformational leadership, and the choice we have every day to create a leadership legacy.

"Having this training for Managers who work in the same department makes so much sense.  It helped me understand that I was not alone in how I was feeling with respect to being able to manage my projects and time.  We are learning together how to navigate these difficult times."

"The course is engaging! I have been able to incorporate the contents of this program into my every day work life, without it feeling like a burden." 

Program Inclusions

Video Shoot
Online Content

4-12 Months of video learning, delivered by a professionally trained speaker, and providing actionable challenges and PDF worksheets​​.  Download The Skillful 1:1 Mini-Read for a sample of our materials.

1:1 Coaching

Monthly 1:1 Coaching sessions (1hr each) for accountability and contextualized learning

Virtual Team Meeting
Group Coaching

4 Group Coaching Sessions, 2hrs each with only your team, creating space for additional feedback and perspective

Live Workshops

Free admission to 3 live, standalone workshops​​

90-Day Program: Projects

"Most trainings I have attended are more theoretical and difficult to apply in real life.  The content in The Skillful Team is clear, easy to follow and practical.  I immediately implemented the lessons I learned."

"The only thing I would change is to join sooner!"

"This course has made a substantive change to my life both professionally and on a personal level.  From being a Manager who struggled with the perception of having a saboteur team, to becoming a leader with confidence...the tools I've learned during this course are simple, yet so effective."

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