When work just doesn't work.

She pulls in to the parking lot of her workplace on a Tuesday morning. She's filled's the word for it? Yes. Dread. She's filled with dread, thinking about how she's going to have to sit around a table with him. She knows he's probably going to criticize her, most likely with some kind of joke that isn't really a joke ("...oh Sally, is it time for you to remind us about someone feeling's again??"). She knows that, if it's not a joke, he might just shout at her instead. She knows she's due for some kind of terribly insulting email (it's been a few days). She knows she is going to spend her day choosing between doing things that create a positive impact in her workplace, and doing things that keep her boss from beating her down.

And all of these thoughts fill her with dread, before she even opens the car door.

Why on earth doesn't Sally just quit? Are you wondering this, as you read her story? Every day, she trades away her days for this grind. For this jerk. She trades her life away for mornings, noons and nights filled with dread. Why doesn't she just quit?

Or maybe, you read Sally's story and you know exactly why she doesn't "just quit." Maybe you are Sally, or you have been Sally at some point.

This relationship w