What kind of stuck are you?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I got a little gift today. It didn't come in the mail, in an email or in a bright shiny package. It came in the form of an uninteresting, innocuous conversation with my son, Nathan. Eventually, it then came in the form of a smile...actually, a look of delight and pride. Boom. It's only 10:00 in the morning and my day is complete!

We have some forest behind our house, with a little trail through it. It's short - 0.15 km, to be exact. We intended it for bike riding, but we walk it a lot more often. A month ago, I started walking 3 loops of this trail each morning for some solitude (my version of isolation did not deliver solitude, it delivered chaos). For two weeks I walked the trail on my own, and then it happened.

"Mom, I want to walk with you."

My first thought was not very welcoming: "Sigh. Of course you do. I'm finally getting some space to think..." Would it have been fine to say no? Of course. I know it's important to make time to think and reflect. I know solitude is important.

Except. Except I decided a long time ago that I wanted to live an arms-wide-open kind of life. I want to embrace what comes...embrace who comes...and stop always trying to do things "my way." So. I replaced that thought with the words "Okay, Nathan let's go," doing my very best to sound sincere.