What kind of co-worker are you?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We sure do spend a lot of time as Managers thinking about, ruminating over, and working on the vertical relationships in our roles. And with good reason - I'm certainly not one to suggest this is inappropriate in anyway!

I do, however, want to address another struggle that many Managers face: the horizontal and diagonal relationships in our workplaces.

We probably don't give these relationships the airtime they deserve. They matter. A lot.


First, the best ideas don’t always come from within. Your co-workers have a unique perspective on your department. If these relationships are strained, quite frankly, your missing out.

Second, at least one study from the Journal of Management and Organization (referenced below) has shown that positive coworker relationships have a greater impact on your engagement than the relationship with your immediate boss. Honestly, that's a bit of a surprising finding to me, but as I reflect back, while it was always my immediate supervisors who brought the sense of purpose, growht and challenge that I craved, it really was the people beside me in my management roles who made going to work fun. They brought the joy.

Third, rarely can we accomplish as much on our own, as we