Part 5: Are your goals under attack?

"I'm buying my desk by December 1st," he declares in the middle of September as he gets off the school bus one day. It's an unusual goal, to say the least. It raises our eyebrows more than a little and causes a most interesting conversation around our dinner table that night.

Goals are intriguing...captivating. They tell us a lot about a person, don't you think? After this blog, you'll understand my son a little better, just by this one goal. You'll have a sense of how he ticks...what motivates him in life...

The T, in MOAT is for "Tell Everyone," and it's about leveraging the power of communication to foster both an internal and an external commitment to our goals. Speaking your goals is part of building a MOAT because it helps you create internal clarity, internal commitment, and external commitment.


1) Create Internal Clarity

When we are forced to articulate or goals, we are forced to clarify our goals. If we can't say them to someone else in one, 12-word sentence, we probably haven't got it straight in our minds.

And if we haven't got it straight, we can't commit.