What waterskiing taught me about leadership.

"I don't want to do it anymore," he says. I look into his face and know, immediately, that this isn't true. His words are saying one thing, but his eyes are saying something else.

He wants to do it...he just doesn't want to risk it. To risk falling, that is.

There's a rite of passage that happens at our family cottage - a property my grandparents bought in the 50s for $100, that is now blessing it's fourth generation. The rite of passage is this:

Thou Shalt Water Ski.

My kids are each very different. One immediately believed she could do it, and immediately wanted to prove she was right. The other immediately questioned “what if I can’t do it?” He really wanted to be able...he just didn't want to actually try. She...jumped in. She tried. She fell. She tried again another day. She made it 100 metres. She fell. She tried again another get the idea.

Within a few days she was doing laps around the island in front of our cottage to a chorus of cheers befitting an Olympian.