The Balanced Manager

90-Day Program

Grab a new tool. Practice deliberately. Find a better balance.

If you are ready to learn the tools, ready to put them into practice, ready to receive feedback and get better at using the tools...join me in creating better Balance in your work. 

Because the problem is not you. And it is a problem you can solve. 

The solution to feeling out of control as a manager is a simple set of tools that, if you draw on them consistently and use them effectively, will keep you out of the spinning, chaotic overwhelm that plagues so many teams.

This program gives you the foundations and best practices of being a balanced manager, PLUS the space to deliberately practice the key tools effective managers use AND the objective, external, expert feedback that every leader needs. 

This program gives you the trifecta, you will:

1) learn the tools you need to succeed,
2) put those tools into practice with support and accountability, and
3) assess, troubleshoot and adapt these tools to your environment

Through these 90 days I will give you fundamental tools that every manager benefits from mastering.  I'll help you internalize those tools: what they are, why they work, and how to make the most of them. Then, I'll support you in applying those tools to your work.

I've designed this 90 day structure to include personalized feedback so that you can adapt these tools to your unique situation. You'll get three-months of intentional, consistent, forward motion.

The 90-Day Program Includes…

  • 3 months of structured deliberate practice 

  • A balance of learning, implementation and assessment

  • Personalized feedback and help applying the information to YOUR working environment

  • 18 hours of personal workshop time (2 three-hour long group calls per month for 3 months)

  • Plus email access to Laura between group calls


The next round 90-Day Program starts at the beginning of 2021.  Group calls are approximately every other week.

Each session will be recorded and available to you for review or in case something comes up and you can’t make it live. 


Basic Program: $2,997 paid in full or $1,197 per month

*Contact me for Webinar or Xcelerate pricing!

1:1 Coaching Add-on: $397

(one-time, only available for 90-Day Program Particpants) 


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