I'm Laura.


With 20 years of experience leading businesses and their teams from a variety of positions, I know first-hand the importance of a good plan, an inspired team, and healthy numbers.  When all three of these pieces come together, businesses thrive.

Over the years, I've had my share of trips and falls.  I was at the helm when our 60-year-old family business went into receivership ( and ultimately bankruptcy).  I've been hired, I've been fired and I've stayed in a job long after I shouldn't have. Life has been an incredible teacher of both skills and character.

CPA and CEO of carrythe3, I enable Managers to excel in their roles, inspire and engage audiences, and carry high-stakes projects for CEOs.


How do I help?

what do people hire me for



Enabling the world's Managers

I believe your Managers represent the single greatest opportunity for your business.  Gallup agrees (check out their research here).

The Balanced Manager: developing competent managers, for more abundant workplaces.


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